We are excited to know that Art & Market is partnering with Jason Lim, artist and Artistic Director, Singapore Ceramics Now to present the “Singapore Ceramics Now: Marking | Making” on A&M Marketplace.

It includes artworks and essays related to ⁣’Marking | Making’, the inaugural exhibition of Singapore Ceramics Now 2021, that showcased of 19 Singapore-based artists through ceramic art.

Istoria is also thankful for the opportunity to have our associate photographer, Bernard Teo of Influx Productions, to photograph majority of the works for the event and publication and we have already purchased a copy!

Visit the following link to get your copy soon as it is limited print run:

Re-Imagine Photography Workshops (13-21 March 2021)

We are launching our pilot 1:1 Re-Imagine Photography workshops from 13-21 March 2021. It is an 2 hour workshop and you can choose your time slots as per details provided and subjected to availability.

This workshop is suitable for all as the focus is to appreciate the beauty of the world that we live in via photography. Photography is an expression of who U are, what U feel of the world…..

To sign up or queries clarification, please email to with the subject header “Re-Imagine Photography”

See you soon!